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At Acuproof, we provide a guarantee of high-quality proofreading service. It is due to our surety that hundreds of scholars and authors have trusted us with their assignments. All our team members are dedicated towards fulfilling the promise that we make to a client when he/she places an order. The factors that we cover under the umbrella of our service guarantee are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: When we proofread a document, we cover all parts of it. Apart from grammar and spelling, our editors also check presentation aspects like margins, capitalisation, bold and underline, header fonts, etc. Both format and structure are made perfect.
  2. Citation: Our editors are proficient in using various citation styles like APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, ACS, AMA, AP, etc. Our clients have to specify the citation style that they want us to follow. All the citations are checked in all the chapters, including bibliography. We guarantee that there will be no wrong citations or missed citations in your document, thus saving you from plagiarism charges.
  3. Academic standards: We are well aware of the high academic standards expected by the UK universities. Hence, we ensure that the language and format in your document meet your university’s requirements. The vocabulary is checked thoroughly and the changes are suggested, as required. We also check the formatting errors.
  4. Privacy: The absolute privacy of the documents that clients share with us is guaranteed. We never let any data or idea be shared with outsiders. For this purpose, our editors sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients and abide by the same. We have also put in place SSL for transferring files safely.
  5. Timely delivery: We know that deadlines are crucial when it comes to academic submissions. Thus, we ask clients to specify their timelines for task completion while placing their orders. We plan the work in such a manner that their documents are finalised and delivered two days before the promised deadline, so that there is scope for revision and incorporation of changes. For urgent proofreading services, the mutually discussed deadlines are followed stringently.

The Advantage of Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee the above-mentioned aspects of our service so you can be sure of receiving nothing but the best of quality on your proofread documents. You can rely on our proofreading assistance, as you will get plagiarism-free content that follows the right styles and presents accurate information throughout your document. Our guarantee also gives save your time and efforts, as you know what to expect as a final product.
You can submit your work with full confidence and without any delay. You also have the advantage of receiving custom proofreading solutions. Your work will be fully compliant with the linguistic and formatting guidelines given by your academic institution or chosen publication. With our confidentiality guarantee, you should not have any hesitation in approaching our professionals for proofreading help.
Our guarantee extends to all the documents we check, including dissertations, theses, and research papers. In case there is any lapse in the service quality, you can ask our team for a free revision. However, such request has to be made within 15 days of the delivery of the document. Additionally, the content should not be changed after the final proofreading has been done. To know more about our surety and service paradigms, contact our team now. You may write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Acuproof is an organisation working towards attainment of higher academic standards through its dedicated proofreading services. The entire team of proofreaders is given specialised training for proofreading different documents on the regular basis.

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